Who we are:

At Iconeus, we unite specialists from such fields as physics, neurobiology and healthcare in a shared passion for technology and research.

We are committed to delivering unparalleled tools to you, the scientists who are working hard to shed light on the brain and central nervous system, understand the associated pathologies and find effective treatments.

But we also know the frustration you feel when your hard work is not enough, because of a lack of appropriate tools.

That is why we created our company.

At Iconeus, our raison d’être is to make our breakthrough technologies available to you, so that your research capacities know no limits.

What we do:

We perform rigorous research and invent amazing technologies for the benefit of neuroscience.

We believe in translating the best from ultrasound physics into the smartest devices, to make your most ambitious research ideas a reality.

We design smart devices that make your day in the laboratory easy and fruitful. We code  powerful algorithms yielding exquisitely rich data to leverage your ideas and studies.

All this motivates us, but we have one, and only one, bottom line: help you unleash your research capacities and transcend your goals.



Ludovic Lecointre

Chief Executive Officer


Bruno Osmanski, PhD

Chief Technical Officer


Thomas Kieffer,

Software Developer


Mohamed Nouhoum,

PhD student



The company was founded by experienced professionals from the industry and world renowned scientists  capitalizing more than 60 years cumulative experience in wave physics, biomedical ultrasound and neuroscience.

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Iconeus – 6 rue Jean Calvin, 75005 Paris, France