Early Adopter Program


Understanding that time is a crucial factor in research, Iconeus has started its Early Adopter Program to give selected partners access to our neuroimaging system prior to its commercial worldwide release.

The Iconeus Early Adopter Program is welcoming applications from leading neuroscience labs and companies for early access to our disruptive neuroimaging technology. Over the last few years, prototypes have been used by academic researchers for whole-brain awake-state functional imaging in rats, mice, ferrets and primates. Those works resulted in publications in high impact journals such as Nature, Science Translational Medicine, Nature Communications, Nature Methods and NeuroImage.

Our program gives prestigious neuroscience labs and companies over the world access to Iconeus’ revolutionary technology and next-generation pre-commercial prototypes. Partners can acquire a prototype through the Early Adopter Program and start their research right now.

Iconeus has already begun shipping its latest-generation neuroimaging prototypes in several countries. We provide advanced support for our early customers, and will update them automatically and free of charge to the commercial system once it is released.

Become an Early Adopter and boost your research today.