Meet Iconeus at FENS 2018

Iconeus will be at the 11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience in Berlin 2018. Meet us booth 27 !

Iconeus offers a all-in-one preclinical functional ultrasound imaging scanner for awake or anesthetized subjects in mice, rats, ferrets or primate.
Iconeus also offers dedicated support, expertise, development and consulting services to help you move toward your unique research goals.

Our revolutionary technology calls upon ultra-high frame rate ultrasound imaging —up to fifty thousand images per second—to detect neuronal activation in the whole brain via the subtle variations in blood volume due to the neurovascular coupling.

For preclinical research, the portability and high versatility of our technology enables the study of brain activity at unprecedented scales and in a large variety of subject states: awake, freely moving, resting-state and asleep conditions.

We would be very happy to meet you in person at our booth #27 at FENS in Berlin to give you more details and show some use cases.



FENS is Europe’s foremost neuroscience event with neuroscientists from all the around the world.
This year FENS take place in Berlin, a great opportunity to tour Germany’s capital and cultural centre.

We will be there and have a booth to showcase our revolutionary functional ultrasound technology for neuroscientists.
Come and see us to discuss our technology, your scientific projects and how we can together help you move faster toward exciting results.