ICONEUS is introducing functional ultrasound neuroimaging: a breakthrough imaging modality for brain activity monitoring based on blood flow imaging with ultra-high sensitivity.

Our revolutionary technology calls upon ultra-high frame rate ultrasound imaging —up to fifty thousand images per second—to detect neuronal activation in the whole brain via the subtle variations in blood volume due to the neurovascular coupling.

For preclinical research, the portability and high versatility of our technology enables the study of brain activity at unprecedented scales and in a large variety of subject states: awake, freely moving, resting-state and asleep conditions.

Our technology leverages more than 20 years of innovations in brain ultrasound imaging. Its history begins at the Langevin Institute (Paris, France), where the research team led by Prof. Mickael Tanter (Inserm, ESPCI Paris, CNRS) pioneered functional ultrasound neuroimaging and produced other major breakthroughs in biomedical echography. Since 2011, we have been working intensively with neuroscientists to finely adapt our technology to their specific needs.

Our technology is protected by a strong patent portfolio to ensure the best quality and experience for our customers.