News & events

Three staff have recently joined us – an Administrative Assistant, Hardware Engineer and Junior Application Specialist. A big welcome to them all!
We’ll be running Iconeus One demos and giving a talk on functional ultrasound at the first ISBUS conference in Pasadena, USA, from 8–11 December.
From 12–16 November this year, the Iconeus team will be heading over to the US to Neuroscience 2022, organized by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). We look forward to showing you Iconeus One and talking about how fUS could help your research!
On 20 and 21 October, we’ll be at the 8th European Synapse Meeting in Coimbra, Portugal, and we hope to see you there too.
A new paper in Nature Methods describes how to image brain activity using functional ultrasound localization microscopy, with a resolution of 6.5 µm achieved.
We welcome to Iconeus our newest Application Specialist, Haleh Soleimanzad, who arrives with a valuable combination of expertise in engineering, neuroscience and fUS.
The prospect of clinical applications of fUS draws nearer, as we release the first clinic-ready Iconeus One system, as part of a research project funded by the French National Research Agency.
Say hello to our fUS Application Specialists at the FENS Forum in Paris from 9–13 July!
The quality of talks and posters – and opportunities to share ideas and make connections – made this second conference on the use of fUS in neuroscience one to remember!
The second fUSbrain conference is happening next week at Cargèse, Corsica, from 30 May to 3 June, and we’re looking forward to it!
To drive research into the technology and applications of fUS, we’re funding three students through their Ph.D. studies at Physics for Medicine Paris.
A paper authored by Iconeus staff demonstrates that the mouse brain microvasculature can be imaged in vivo directly through the intact skull using our 3D ULM technology.
In early May 2022, we’ll be heading to London to talk to users of MR systems, to help us understand the challenges they face, and how fUS might be able to help.
We’re delighted to welcome Ghada Moukalled and Léa Kianpour, who will be taking on the new roles of Project Manager and Communication Project Manager, respectively.
We got it! We’re really excited to have received EU funding to develop a successor to our ULM technology, for transcranial brain imaging in humans with low-µm resolution.
An Iconeus-sponsored webinar will discuss in vivo molecular and functional imaging, and how it can be applied to the study and treatment of neurological disorders.
Are you a Ph.D. student wanting to attend the fUSbrain2022 conference in Corsica? Then enter a competition to have your conference expenses paid for by Iconeus!
A new paper from our team reports the development of a vascular ‘brain positioning system’ for cross-referencing angiographic images to the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas.
We’re pleased to welcome a new Application Specialist, Soumee Bhattacharya, who will forge links between neuroscientists and our in-house technical experts.
We’re delighted to welcome Luc Eglin to Iconeus, who as our new Senior Signal Processing Engineer offers us extensive expertise in fUS image processing and software development.
In a paper published in Nature Communications, we describe how fUS can overcome the difficulties of using existing tools such as fMRI to image the brains of newborns.
We present simple, reliable and robust protocols for whole-brain fUS imaging in anesthetized and awake mice using our Iconeus One platform.
Functional ultrasound is now validated for neuropharmacological studies in rats and mice, so helping to improve understanding of the mechanism of action of drugs in the brain.
We’re exhibiting our latest innovations at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum from 11 July to 15 July! Stop by and visit our virtual booth to learn more about imaging using the Iconeus One system.
Three articles authored by Iconeus founders report major advances in both the fundamental aspect of the fUS method and its applications for preclinical research.
The Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas is now an integral part of the Iconeus One system, allowing customers to precisely compare and correlate 3D brain data.
What’s the current state of 3D fUS… and is 4D fUS round the corner? Read the views of two fUS experts, Prof. Mickael Tanter and Dr. Bruno Osmanski.
Iconeus has joined an EU-funded project to develop a regenerative stem cell therapy to repair the brain damage sometimes caused by premature birth.
Iconeus sponsored and participated in the first workshop “Functional Ultrasound Imaging of the Brain” workshop, held in Corsica on 28 October 2019.