Join us at EMIM 2023

We’re looking forward to attending the next European Molecular Imaging Meeting, which is being held in Salzburg, Austria, from 14–17 March. Stop by our booth to find out more about how fUS could help your research.

Iconeus Join us at EMIM 2023

Coming up in the next couple of months is an important event for anyone interested in brain science– the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM), which is being held this year in Salzburg, Austria.

The meeting is organized by the European Society for Molecular Imaging, and is the 18th such meeting since the conference series began in 2006. It’s running from 14–17 March 2023, and the program is packed with literally hundreds of plenary lectures, talks, study group sessions and poster sessions, featuring major names from academia and industry.

With that full schedule, the meeting is sure to attract scientists from diverse disciplines both inside and outside the clinic. So we’re pleased that two of our Application Specialists, Jeremy Ferrier and Haleh Soleimanzad, will be on-booth (#316) to answer questions about the role that fUS and our ULM technology can play in brain research, as well as highlighting our range of fUS probes.

Would you like to book a slot to learn more about fUS at EMIM 2023? Let us know a suitable time, and we’ll be in touch.

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