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We presented Iconeus One at SfN in Chicago

October 17, 2019

For the 2nd time this year, Iconeus team participated at SfN’s event that took place October 19-23. Indeed, the team had very good discussions about neuroimaging technology. We also talked about the best ways to accelerate your neuroscience research and how Iconeus can help you take it to the next level.

We presented to you Iconeus One, the only full-featured data acquisition system for fUS, a breakthrough modality for preclinical imaging of brain activity and vasculature based on the measurement of blood volume with ultra-high sensitivity.

Our MultiPlaneWave™ patented technology increases by 10 to 12 the signal / noise ratio as compared to conventional plane wave ultrafast technologies. It allows to image the whole brain down to deep structures with a functional spacial resolution of 100µm and a temporal resolution in the range of a few tens of milliseconds. The patented Neuronavigation technology we developed, changes every days life of Neuroscientists and significantly increase the research output. Moreover, our miniaturized transducers and proprietary set-ups, make possible to do functional imaging in behaving animals such as mouse, rat, non human primate… and this can be done transcranialy in mouse. Finally, our ultrafast ultrasound doppler technology also makes possible to do whole brain 3D and 4D vascular imaging. Learn more.

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