Customized support


Even the greatest technology requires human communication and support. At Iconeus we are committed to making your life easier so that you can focus fully on your all-important scientific work.

Quality and commitment to customers

At Iconeus, our products are designed from the ground up for daily functional ultrasound imaging applying uniquely effective software and hardware. We implement developments using best-practice methodologies to ensure premium quality and robustness in all our products. For instance, our core software engine was developed based on a high-end finite-state machine.

We know you care about great technologies but don't want to risk losing time on any unplanned issues.

Each machine and probe is thoroughly tested before shipping, with a two-year product warranty, and if there are any issues that we are unable to resolve easily, we'll just ship a new replacement machine or probe to you, so that you can keep on working on your experiments.

Happy to say that the Iconeus team has never failed to deliver, and always with maximum results. Thank you!
Artem Shatillo, MD, Charles River

Technical support and training are extremely good, making Iconeus One a true plug-and-play device that should be included in any imaging platform for small animals. A big thank you to the whole team!
Olivier Baud, MD-PhD, Neonatology, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

Meet our experts

  • Jéremy Ferrier, PhD in Neurosciences

    Senior Scientific Application Specialist
  • Soumee Bhattacharya, PhD in Neurosciences

    Scientific Application Specialist
  • Bruno Osmanski, PhD in Physics

    Chief Technical Officer, fUS expert
  • Marc Gesnik, PhD in Physics

    Ultrasound & signal processing specialist, fUS expert

Installation and training in your lab

We install each machine in your lab to help you get started on your experiments and to help you apply the technology in a unique fashion that matches your work environment.

And if that's not enough, we offer training workshops in Paris that includes lectures, hands-on experiments and networking opportunities.

Grant and protocol writing assistance

We can help you with your grant application. Just contact our team and we will set up a call to discuss how our technology can complement your project. We will provide you with technical information, specifications, images and protocols to help you submit a successful application.  

We can also help you with your IRB protocol writing and application.

We have sold machines worldwide so we have the experience to help you with all the paperwork involved.

Because we know that your time's precious

Custom development and services

Maybe your focus is on cutting-edge science and technology that requires specific development.

Iconeus has the expertise and manpower to build anything from multimodal approaches, 4D functional ultrasound prototypes, brain-computer interfaces or clinical prototypes.

If you have a project or a grant idea for an innovative device or application, Iconeus can help as a consultant, partner or subcontractor. Let's talk about how we can help.

fUS community

When you choose Iconeus, you choose quality and dedicated support, but you also become part of a community – a community of users who share the same goal of advancing neuroscience using functional ultrasound combined with a creative mindset.

As a customer, you gain access to our community portal with all its community resources and tips.

Iconeus organizes training workshops in Paris providing access to live experiments and lectures from experts together with a great networking experience.

Iconeus was also a proud sponsor of the first Brain functional ultrasound workshop (fUSBrain 2019), which brought together students and world-class researchers working with functional ultrasound for a week of great science at an amazing location in Corsica, France. The workshop was organized by our partner Physics for Medicine / INSERM U1273. Contact us for more information on how to register for the next workshop.

A heartfelt thanks to all participants – we're proud to have supported this great workshop!

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