Since 2017, several leading research institutions and major industrial players have trusted in our vision and have chosen to work with Iconeus by using advanced prototype versions of Iconeus One.

What our customers are saying about us:

  • Dr. Bastian Hengerer (Boehringer Ingelheim)
    As beta tester, I had the opportunity to follow the maturation of an early version of the device to the commercial product. Right from the beginning I was fascinated how little effort it takes to obtain activation maps of the mouse brain. No long preparation time, just sedation and fixation of the animal and the experiment can start. Resolution is amazing, even small mouse brain regions are covered by several voxels. Brain regions can automatically be identified and the software efficiently guides the positioning of the sensor head. This makes fUS an ideal tool for studying in a routine setting the effects of compounds on brain network activity and helps to speed up their development.
    Dr. Bastian Hengerer
    Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Artem Shatillo, MD (Charles River)
    Functional Ultrasound is an amazing technology, taking neuroimaging to a whole new level. Coming from MRI world, small footprint, open setup and sensitive miniature sensor unlocks capabilities that were previously unavailable for us and our clients. As early adopters of the technology with a prototype system, communication, support and technical expertise is critical for successful implementation and development. Happy to say that Iconeus team has never failed to deliver that at max. Thank you!
    Artem Shatillo, MD
    Charles River
  • Dr. Shihab Shamma (University of Maryland)
    Iconeus's Functional Ultrasound was demonstrated in our lab at the University of Maryland a few months ago. It was a remarkable new advancement for in vivo functional cerebral blood volume (CBV) imaging that for the first time allowed us on a counter top to do accurate and fast small animal brain imaging that revealed cerebral microvascularization of brain circuits. We were quite impressed with the videos of the microvascular system lighting up in the ferret brain. Even more impressive was the depth and resolution of these images and the ability to track their activity across several days or even weeks. By adding this techniques to the lab, our graduate students and postdocs started to adapt their projects to exploit this techniques so as to answer more scientific questions on neural circuit dynamics. In short order, this technique has now become a vital part of almost all our projects, a testimony to its versatility and flexibility .
    Dr. Shihab Shamma
    University of Maryland
  • Functional Ultrasound provided by the Iconeus system is a powerful technology to assess brain functioning and connectivity in living rodents. We have started using this technology for 3 years and already published data demonstrating its ability to evidence functional alteration in a perinatal model of white matter damage. It's also valuable to assess the benefits conferred by neuroprotective molecules. We just received the Iconeus technology in Geneva and cannot wait to develop new paradigms using freely moving animals and 3D/4D brain imaging. Technical support and teaching are extremely well done making Iconeus One a real plug-and-play device that should take place in any imaging platform for small animals. Thanks to all the team!
    Olivier BAUD, MD PhD, Neonatology
    Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

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