Now you can observe the brain activity of awake animals in real time

Functional ultrasound brain imaging is the next frontier in pre-clinical neuroscience. Iconeus, a Paris-based technological company, is introducing a breakthrough modality for preclinical imaging of brain activation, connectivity and vasculature, based on the measurement of minute changes in cerebral blood volume with ultra-high resolution and sensitivity.

Iconeus One

Iconeus One is able to directly measure subtle variations in the blood volume of individual voxels in the whole rodent brain. This allows functional neuroimaging, which measures neuronal activation patterns through the neurovascular coupling, similarly to fMRI - but with significantly higher resolution and sensitivity. 

Detection of minute blood flow changes in tiny vessels requires extreme sensitivity. Only Ultrasensitive Doppler combined with our patented ultrafast MPW™(MultiPlaneWave) technology – providing up to fifty thousand images per second – and optimized signal processing can reach this goal.

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Iconeus One: image neuronal activation through the neurovascular coupling


Fundamental neuroscience research

Multimodal insight
Perform unbiased whole-brain imaging of brain circuits in awake, active animals, study cerebral blood volume variation or neurovascular coupling in genetic models, integrate easily with electrophysiology, optogenetics, guided injections or in any way you envision. Create your very own experimental paradigm with the power of Iconeus technology at its core in a matter of days rather than months and win the race to discover the next big thing. Iconeus now works with some of the finest labs in the world to help implement their vision.

Pharmacology and drug discovery

Better than BOLD
Unsatisfied with inconclusive behavioral results or complicated and expensive fMRI studies? Iconeus functional ultrasound neuroimaging is the readout you need for reliable results in your drug discovery process. Study, in 4D, real-time functional activation and connectivity between brain structures through neurovascular coupling, including easy-to-perform transcranial imaging in mice models. Our dedicated software suite makes it simple to perform standardized and reliable measurements and can easily be integrated in your own workflow. Iconeus is trusted by our big pharma customers around the world to deliver the tools they need.

Stroke and neurovascular research

Time is brain
See a stroke unfolding before your eyes, follow occlusion, reperfusion and early recanalization dynamics right when they happen. Map injured brain territories and quantify longitudinally the efficacy of new treatments. With Iconeus technology, you can better evaluate the quality of your stroke model and easily triage animals based on early images. Turn your model variability into a strength, gain time and engage in precision biology.
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