Functional ultrasound for high-resolution whole-brain imaging of awake animals

We’re Iconeus – a Paris-based company who have invented and commercialized an easy-to-use functional ultrasound system for imaging changes in cerebral blood volumes. It’s sensitive, fast, high-resolution, and it can be used on moving animals.

Iconeus One: Plug-and-play functional ultrasound imaging

Iconeus One is a breakthrough in preclinical research – a system that allows brain activity in mice, rats and other small animals to be imaged quickly and easily. Iconeus One is:

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How does fUS neuroimaging work?

Functional ultrasound uses multi-plane-wave ultrasound to generate 2D images of blood flows across the brain in a matter of seconds. This makes it possible to follow changes in neuronal activation over time (thanks to the neurovascular coupling), or to generate 3D images of the entire brain vasculature.

As well as allowing mobile animals to be imaged using our compact probes, functional ultrasound provides far greater spatial and temporal coverage than the restricted ‘snapshots’ possible with conventional ultrasound. It’s also inherently sensitive, allowing it to spot small changes in neuronal activation much more readily than fMRI.

Applications of fUS brain imaging

Functional ultrasound has many applications in neuroscience, including in fundamental brain research, drug development, and investigations into neurodegenerative disorders and stroke (see our full list of publications for examples). But across all of these areas, there are four main ways in which fUS can be used: ​

Testimonials: It’s fair to say that our customers are pretty impressed by Iconeus One!

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Have a question about fUS imaging?

We’ve assembled a talented team here at our facilities in Paris: experts in neuroscience, ultrasound physics and software engineering work side-by-side to develop new product features, and to fine-tune the technology for emerging applications.

So whatever you’d like to talk about – from the finer points of determining resting-state functional connectivity to the approximate price for a tailored Iconeus One system – there’s bound to be someone who can help (and they’re probably sitting next to us!).