Apprenticeship – QA Automation Engineer

If you are passionate about Neuroscience and you want to be part of the fUS revolution, we are looking forward to your application!

Apprenticeship - QA Automation Engineer

ICONEUS is a Paris-based start-up. A growing team (currently 29 people) is dedicated to developing and commercializing a new ultrasound-based brain imaging modality (functional ultrasound imaging or fUS). This revolutionary method allows the visualization of brain activity with unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution and high sensitivity. Founded in 2016, ICONEUS aims to become a world leader in neuro-functional imaging.

ICONEUS offers a complete turnkey imaging system for preclinical research allowing the measurement of neuronal activation and connectivity. While maintaining its preclinical activities, ICONEUS also has ambitions to develop products dedicated to clinical research.

The ICONEUS solution relies on an ambitious device developed and integrated by the ICONEUS team.

In order to complete its team, ICONEUS is hiring a computer engineer to help with software quality assurance (QA) and automation. The candidate must be a student in a Master degree program, preferably last year (M2).

By Joining Iconeus you can help us bring academic knowledge to the commercial world.

Once you’re here you’ll help us assure the quality of our software. You will be at the interface between the developers and the application specialists and your action will consist in implementing automatic tests suites, improving and executing the existing software testing, and be responsible for approving the releases of the software on the dev side.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Be at the interface between the developers and the application specialists. Define with both groups the appropriate tests. Improve the test coverage for each product
  • Experiment with a GUI testing framework such as Squish, put in place as much automation as possible
  • Validate software releases by executing testing
    Provide evidence of the level of test coverage for each product, and improve the test coverage
  • Automate the test execution into the CI framework (Jenkins) and provide a seamless integration between development and production
  • Put in place code analysis and test coverage or other tools to help developers improve code quality and delivery
  • Take part in scrum meetings, collaborate with the team to ensure proper transmission and recording of progress
  • Take responsibility for and ensure maintenance of the software components developed
  • Maintain state of the art knowledge to support all members of staff facing software issues

Team support

  • Integrate the current development flow
  • Participate in debug and paired debugging/development sessions
  • Use you technical knowledge to support all members of staff facing software issues


  • Good knowledge in software programming and scripting (C++, Qt, Python, Matlab)
  • Attractiveness for automation, software development, quality assurance, continuous integration (Catch2, Squish, Jenkins, Coveralls, SonarQube)
  • Strong interest or a previous experience in medical imaging
  • Good analytical and logical thinking skills 
  • Independent and motivated, you have good interpersonal skills and you demonstrate team spirit and adaptability
  • Comfortable with the idea of animal experimentation for medical research (there are no animals on our premises, but our clients work with rodents) 
  • Being a driving force, making proposals and ability to argue
  • attractiveness for technologies, innovation
  • At least basic working English 

Nice to have:

  • An interest in physics and neurobiology, neuroscience
  • Taste for small teams and start-up working environment
  • Attractiveness for technologies, innovation

What we can offer:

  • Offices in the start-up incubator Paris Santé Innovation
  • A young, dynamic and qualified team (average age 28 years – 60% PhD, 25% engineers)
  • A chance to learn in a friendly atmosphere and to develop your skills throughout your contract. Most of our employees come from the academic world and are committed to the transmission of knowledge
  • A multidisciplinary and multicultural team (19 nationalities for 30 people) (computer engineers, physicists, neurobiologists, pharmacists, industrial designers, acousticians, project managers, QRAM, electrical engineers)
  • Remuneration according to the apprenticeship grid (minimum 1150€/month) + bonuses, telecommuting possible 1 day per week, Swile, Alan Blue, Navigo 75% or forfait mobilité durable

Who you’ll work with:

  • Danièle Trimarchi – Software Engineering Manager
    Daniele is an avid sailor, and his academic work followed this passion, with his M.Sc. and Ph.D. being on the physics and fluid dynamics of sails. He then joined Coventor in 2012, where he worked on software for simulating microelectromechanical systems, followed by Iconeus in 2019, where he leads the software development team.
    More importantly, though, he’s in charge of our compost bin, ensuring the valorization of kilos of used coffee grounds every week. He’s also a bit of a daredevil amongst Iconeus cyclists.
  • Charles – Software Engineer
    After obtaining his degree in Computer Science for real-time systems, Charles joined Iconeus in 2018 to focus on applying his knowledge to technical challenges.
    Away from work, he’s passionate about open-source software, and is an accomplished pianist and saxophonist. He also enjoys spending time with his kitten (while planning his latest tattoos!).
  • Salima – Software Engineer
    Salima is passionate about medtech, and has a Masters on image interaction and virtual reality, followed by a position at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery, working on real-time software for tracking radiation doses.
    Salima joined the Software Development team at Iconeus in 2018.

We are an equal-opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, social background, sexual orientation, and age or disability status. All are welcome.

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