Iconeus to assist project on childhood neurodevelopment

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Iconeus is delighted to be assisting a multi-million-euro project focused on addressing challenges in neurodevelopment of children, led by the Paris-based Institut Robert-Debré du Cerveau de l'Enfant.

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The cognitive development of children is a major public health issue, with one in six children having a neurodevelopmental disorder and one in five experiencing some sort of learning disability. These conditions can be very diverse, ranging from impaired memory and ADHD through to autism and cerebral palsy.

So we’re pleased to be part of a new initiative coordinated by the Paris-based Institut Robert-Debré du Cerveau de l’Enfant – one of 12 new university hospital institutes set up as part of France’s ‘Innovation santé 2030’ framework. The institute’s aim is to bring together experts in the field to address the neuro-developmental vulnerabilities of children, and has received a multi-million-euro sum to make this happen.

The objectives of this ambitious project – named ‘InnovAnd, Paris, neuro-développement pédiatrique’ – are three-fold:

  • Understanding how the brain functions and learns during the critical childhood phase of brain plasticity
  • Describing individual neurodevelopmental trajectories using predictive models
  • Creating a new model for preventing harms to child health and education.

To achieve these aims, the project will create an ‘ecosystem’ of interested parties, including children, families, doctors, researchers, institutions and private partners – and we’re proud to be playing our part.

Ludovic Lecointre, CEO and co-founder of Iconeus, said “We believe that brain imaging using functional ultrasound – already well-validated preclinically – has the potential to offer valuable insights into neurodevelopment in a clinical setting. So as part of this project, we’re looking forward to working closely with the Robert-Debré Institute and other collaborators to explore ways in which fUS can help, and ultimately make children’s lives better”.

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