Iconeus funds Ph.D. research into functional ultrasound

To drive new advances in ultrasound research, Iconeus is funding three students through their Ph.D. research into the technology and applications of functional ultrasound.

The new students and their thesis titles are:

  • Felipe Cybis Pereira – “Spatial navigation in rats using neurofunctional ultrasound imaging”.
  • Mathis Vert – “Super-resolution imaging by ultrasound microscopy: Extraction of quantitative parameters for the diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases”
  • Samuel Diebolt – “3D fUS imaging applied to the pharmacological fingerprinting of functional connectivity”

Cybis Pereira, Vert and Diebolt will carry out their studies at Physics for Medicine Paris, a research unit focused on translating ideas in fundamental physics into preclinical and clinical devices. They will be supervised by Mickael Tanter, Thomas Deffieux and Zsolt Lenkei, co-founders of Iconeus.

Ludovic Lecointre, Pharm.D., CEO and co-founder of Iconeus, welcomed the three students saying:

“Fundamental research at the interface of physics, software and medicine is what led to the development of functional ultrasound, and of course to the foundation of Iconeus. I strongly believe that making such investments remains central to the development of the science and to our future success as a company”.
“So we’re delighted to support these three talented and enthusiastic students through their Ph.D. studies at ‘PhysMed’… and we look forward to seeing what new insights into functional ultrasound they’ll uncover!”.

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