Iconeus sponsors functional microcirculation symposium

In May, we’ll be sponsoring a one-day symposium in Canada on the topic of functional microcirculation in the central nervous system.

Studying the blood flow–metabolism relationship in the central nervous system is important, because vascular dysfunction or damage lies behind many motor and cognitive disorders, as well as visual deficits. Blood flow is also fundamental to the operation of functional ultrasound imaging, so it’s important to understand the factors that control it.

Therefore, we were interested to hear about an upcoming symposium, titled “La microcirculation fonctionnelle: Rétine, cerveau et approches technologiques [Functional microcirculation: Retina, brain and technological approaches]”. The symposium is item 638 within the 90th Acfas Congress, a multi-disciplinary French-language event that is taking place at several institutions in Montreal, Canada, from 8–12 May.

With 15 talks (and 6 student presentations) on topics grouped into two themes – the role of astrocytes in controlling the neurovascular coupling, and microcirculation at the cellular level – it looks to be an interesting event. Unfortunately we can’t make it over to Canada to attend, but we’re making up for it by sponsoring the one-day symposium, and will be following the results closely.

You can read more about the program for the symposium here (in French) and register here.

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