Our customers

In the years since Iconeus was founded, we’ve developed collaborations with over 30 companies and organizations around the world, who are keen to see what functional ultrasound could offer them (and we’re happy to say that all of them have loved it).



It’s fair to say that our customers are pretty impressed by Iconeus One!

Join the fUS community

In addition to the product itself, as a customer you’ll also benefit from being part of our network of researchers using functional ultrasound. 

Collaboration lies at the heart of our community. Through our network of Iconeus One users, we share tips, advice and ideas, while workshops bring together researchers to advance neuroscience and discover new ways of using functional ultrasound.

Image of participants at fUSbrain 2019
fUSbrain 2019 - Iconeus was a proud sponsor of the very first fUS brain imaging conference held in Cargèse, Corsica, with participants from prestigious institutions such as Caltech, Mayo Clinic, Charles-River and Boehringer Ingelheim.

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If you’re interested in purchasing an Iconeus One system for your own organization, or would like to collaborate on your next project, then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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