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We’re dedicated to ensuring functional ultrasound achieves its full potential as an imaging technology, so we’d be delighted to hear about your needs, and help you integrate functional ultrasound into your research.

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Meet our team

Meet our team – a talented and diverse group of over 30 neuroscientists, software engineers and ultrasound physicists.

Ludovic Lecointre, Pharm.D.

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Bruno Osmanski, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Djamel Zekri

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Irma Tanon

Chief Financial Officer 

Jeremy Ferrier, Ph.D.

Head of Product Development

Soumee Bhattacharya, Ph.D.

International Sales Manager

Wei Zhu

Business Development China

Haleh Soleimanzad, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Application Specialist

Hippolyte De Valmont

Scientific Application     Specialist

Pia Pelaez

Junior Scientific Application  Specialist 

Sara Romanzi, Ph.D.

Junior Scientific Application Specialist 

Marion Lelièvre

Marketing Communication & Sales Assistant 

Daniele Trimarchi, Ph.D.

Lead Developer

Marc Gesnik, Ph.D.

R&D Engineer

Adrien Bertolo, Ph.D.

Research Engineer

Charles Seizilles

Software Engineer

Luc Eglin, Ph.D.

Signal Processing Engineer

Mohamed Nouhoum, Ph.D.

Acoustics Engineer

Thibaud Fidel

Software Engineer 

Guillaume Badin

Software Engineer

Samuel Diebolt

Research Engineer

Felipe Cybis Pereira

Research Engineer

Edouard Correa

            Electromechanical Technician                 

Silvia Cazzanelli

                                                  Ph.D. Research Student                            

Matis Vert

                                                   Ph.D. Research Student.                                                                            

Aurélia Lefevre, Pharm. D.

           Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ghada Moukalled

Operations Manager

Florence Baudry

Accounting & Senior HR Manager

Denisa Finta

Administrative Assistant

Nessrine Okba

Administrative Assistant

Scientific Advisors

Mickael Tanter, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor

Zsolt Lenkei, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Neuroscience Advisor

Mathieu Pernot, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor

Thomas Deffieux, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor

Charlie Demene, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor

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