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Team Iconeus
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Meet our team

Meet our team – a talented and diverse group of over 20 neuroscientists, software engineers and ultrasound physicists.

Ludovic Lecointre, Pharm.D.

Ludovic Lecointre, Pharm.D.

Chief Executive Officer
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Ludovic’s background is in chemistry and pharmaceutical industry, and before 2003 he held executive R&D positions at pharmaceutical companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Parke-Davis and Pfizer. More recently, he ran his own healthcare company (13 employees, €3.5 million in annual sales) for 12 years, and at the same time worked for the French national health agency, as an expert on drug chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC).
Ludovic is a proud father of two and an avid cyclist – braving the commute by bicycle come rain or shine!
Bruno Osmanski, Ph.D.

Bruno Osmanski, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer
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Bruno graduated in 2010 from ESPCI Paris, and the same year obtained a Masters in fundamental acoustics. He received his Ph.D. in 2014, during which he studied ultrafast imaging for blood flow applications, including fUS imaging of the brain. Following this, he joined INSERM, where he investigated the mechanisms of neurovascular coupling using fUS, fMRI and two-photon imaging.
In his free time, Bruno cycles around Paris, and plays the trumpet and bass guitar with his band. We’ve not yet convinced him to try all three at once, although we think gaffer tape might help!
Picture of Jeremy Ferrier

Jeremy Ferrier, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Application Specialist
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Before joining us in 2018, Jeremy’s experience covered three areas very relevant to Iconeus – neuroplasticity, pharmacology, and fUS, the latter undertaken at ESPCI Paris. So it was natural that he should join our team, where he helps our customers accelerate their research using fUS.
When not in the office, Jeremy enjoys taking out-of-focus selfies, convincing his avocado plant to branch out, and debating the pros and cons of dried papaya versus chocolate chips as treats (for mice, not himself).
Picture of Soumee Bhattacharya

Soumee Bhattacharya, Ph.D.

Scientific Application Specialist
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Soumee has an enviable research record, with topics covered in her 11 years of studies including cognitive flexibility, learning & memory, and neuropharmacology. She joined Iconeus in 2020, and currently works with Jeremy Ferrier to forge new links with neuroscience researchers.
Outside work, Soumee helps women scientists advance their careers through the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World. She’s also a keen dancer and singer, and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen too (we get to enjoy the results).
Picture of Haleh Soleimanzad

Haleh Soleimanzad, Ph.D.

Scientific Application Specialist
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After starting off her student career in Engineering, Haleh has steadily focused more on the biomedical side of the subject, culminating in a postdoc in ultrasound imaging under the supervision of our co- founder Mickael Tanter. This places her in an excellent position in her current role, helping fellow neuroscientists to integrate fUS technology into their research.
When not busy with all that, Haleh loves travelling, with her current record being 10 countries in one year!
Picture Of Hippolyte de Valmont

Hippolyte De Valmont

Junior Scientific Application Specialist
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Hippolyte undertook his Masters degree in neuroscience from Université Paris Cité from 2020–2022, during which he spent 6 months at IPNP and Institut de la Vision using fUS, followed by 6 months at MIT using neuronal activity probes with fMRI. As a result he was sufficiently convinced by the potential of fUS imaging to join us!
When not working, Hippolyte tries to convince his friends and colleagues that a 12-minute power-nap is actually better than a real night’s sleep. He also enjoys sports like climbing, and says that the fear of falling keeps him awake!
Picture of Marc Gesnik

Marc Gesnik, Ph.D.

R&D Engineer
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Marc’s Ph.D. was on fUS imaging of the retina and visual function, and he did further ultrasound work for his postdoc. He’s been with us since 2019, and says his life is now dedicated to ultrasound and mice!
Marc is known by our closest clients as the ‘fUS wizard’, and is widely recognized for his unique ability to explain complex physics with GIFs (and the occasional pun). He’s also the original Iconeus cyclist, and was the first to have a dedicated helmet locker in the office.
Picture of Gabin Tekou

Gabin Tekou

Industrial Designer 
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Gabin is a qualified industrial designer, with two years’ experience as a consultant at Arkance Systems. He joined Iconeus in 2020 where he works alongside Marc Gesnik to design and assemble our Iconeus One platform.
In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching basketball, reading post-modern literature, and updating his extensive wardrobe.
Picture of Nabil Lila

Nabil Lila

Hardware Engineer 
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Nabil has an Engineering degree in computer science, electronic and embedded systems, and joined our R&D team in 2022. Working alongside Marc Gesnik and Gabin Tekou, he helps to design and develop the electronics and other hardware of our systems, and makes sure that the specifications are spot-on. During his breaks, you’ll either find him playing with his ‘Yo-Yo’ or knitting sweaters for the Iconeus team!
Picture of Mohamed Nouhoum

Mohamed Nouhoum, Ph.D.

Acoustics Engineer
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Following undergraduate and Masters degrees in physics, acoustics and fluids, Mohamed studied for his Ph.D. on neuronavigation and fUS neuroimaging, as a collaboration between Iconeus and the Université PSL. Having completed this in 2021, he took a break (well sort of) by traveling across Europe by bicycle, before rejoining us on a permanent basis, where he works alongside Marc Gesnik.
Picture of Luc Eglin

Luc Eglin, Ph.D.

Signal Processing Engineer
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With his M.Sc. in Applied Physics, a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, and post-doc in signal processing for radiation detection, it’s fair to say that Luc is one of our software experts! He’s also recently become a certified Data Scientist, and has lots of consultancy experience in software development, data analysis and image processing (with clients including Thales, Sodern and MBDA).
Luc joined Iconeus in 2021, and can often be found playing his ukulele and unpacking his lunch from a set of meticulously-assembled Tupperware boxes.
Picture of Daniele Trimarchi

Daniele Trimarchi, Ph.D.

Lead Developer
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Daniele is an avid sailor, and his academic work followed this passion, with his M.Sc. and Ph.D. being on the physics and fluid dynamics of sails. He then joined Coventor in 2012, where he worked on software for simulating microelectromechanical systems, followed by Iconeus in 2019, where he leads the software development team.
More importantly, though, he’s in charge of our compost bin, ensuring the valorization of kilos of used coffee grounds every week. He’s also a bit of a daredevil amongst Iconeus cyclists. 
Picture of Salima Laamrani

Salima Laamrani

Software Engineer 
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Salima is passionate about medtech, and has a Masters on image interaction and virtual reality, followed by a position at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery, working on real-time software for tracking radiation doses.
Salima joined the Software Development team at Iconeus in 2018, and aspires to commuting by bicycle… once she’s mastered the delicate balance of high heels, Parisian cycle paths, and the weight of a developer’s laptop!
Picture of Charles Seizilles

Charles Seizilles

Software Engineer
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After obtaining his degree in Computer Science for real-time systems, Charles joined Iconeus in 2018 to focus on applying his knowledge to technical challenges.
Away from work, he’s passionate about open-source software, and is an accomplished pianist and saxophonist. He also enjoys spending time with his kitten (while planning his latest tattoos!).
Picture of Nadji Arezki

Mohamed-Nadji Arezki

Junior Software Developer
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Mohamed-Nadji has a degree in Web and Mobile Development, and is continuing to study computer science (and AI) with funding from Iconeus, where, as well as helping with software development, he looks after our user database.
Mohamed-Nadji loved looking at maps and learning about countries as a young child, a theme that continues today with his deep interest in geopolitics.
Picture of Guillaume Badin

Guillaume Badin

Software Engineer
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After studying for a Masters in the Physics and Engineering of Living Matter, Guillaume took an internship where he developed algorithms for analyzing and processing electroencephalograms from patients with signs of transient neurological disorders. Having joined us in 2023, he works alongside our software team and our fUS wizard Marc Gesnik on continual improvements for our IcoScan software. Outside work, Guillaume is trying to develop ‘green fingers’, albeit so far with limited success, having lost count of the number of cacti that have perished under his care!
Picture of Thibaud Fidel

Thibaud Fidel

Software Engineer 
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After obtaining his Masters degree in Ecology, Thibaud switched specialisms, and obtained a degree-equivalent qualification in software engineering, followed by lots of experience with C++. Starting at Iconeus in 2023, he works with Daniele, Jeremy and Luc to develop our IcoBatch software, as well as helping to ensure our softwares are compliant with some quality management. Thibaud’s hobbies include lyrical singing, French boxing and motorcycling (on which he’s fast becoming the Iconeus expert).
Picture of Phoebe Hertzog

Phoebe Hertzog

Financial and Administrative Manager 
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After obtaining a Bachelors in Law and a Masters in Finance, Accounting and Taxation, Phoebe worked at MS&L Publicis Healthcare, before moving to private equity. After a brief detour via investment management, she joined Iconeus in 2021. Phoebe works alongside the whole Iconeus team, and is the point of contact for legal, financial and regulatory issues.
She enjoys conversing in Franglais/Frenglish, reading The Guardian, and wearing ridiculous shoes.
Picture of Denisa Finta

Denisa Finta

Administrative Assistant
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Denisa joined Iconeus on a part-time-basis in 2022, working alongside Phoebe Hertzog to ensure smooth day-to-day running of the Iconeus office. The rest of the time, Denisa is at college, where she’s studying towards a Higher National Diploma in Business Management.
In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano and guitar with her sisters (as she has done since she was seven!) and reading any book she can find.
Picture of Ghada Moukalled

Ghada Moukalled

Operations Manager
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Ghada joined Iconeus in 2021, and works with our Engineering and Industrial Design teams to ensure consistency in all Iconeus protocols. She took courses in Healthcare Sciences and Biomedical Sciences at university, and is currently studying for an MBA in Biotechnologies and Management.
But when not doing that, she picks up her saxophone, which she’s been playing since she was 9!
Picture of Aurelia Lefevre

Aurélia Lefevre, Pharm. D.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs
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Aurélia joined us in late 2022, and is focused on working towards the application of our technologies in the clinical area. This includes developing our regulatory strategy, optimizing our quality management system, and dealing with all regulatory compliance and certification issues.
We wouldn’t say that Aurélia is completely obsessed by regulatory issues, but having said that, the other week she did ask if her birthday cake was standard-compliant. We’re not sure there’s an ISO standard for that, but Aurélia clearly sees a gap in the market!
Picture of Adrien Bertolo

Adrien Bertolo

Research Engineer
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Adrien has a degree in Engineering, and is currently working on his Ph.D., which is a collaboration between Iconeus and Physics for Medicine Paris, focused on extending fUS towards 4D acquisitions.
He’s also part of the Iconeus cycling team, but as his tires are often punctured, he’s also joined the walking group!
Picture of Silvia Cazzanelli

Silvia Cazzanelli

Research Engineer
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After receiving her Master’s degree in Neurobiology, in 2021 Silvia started a Ph.D. studentship funded by Iconeus, with a focus on studying the ‘pain connectome’ by combining fUS imaging with chemogenetics and optogenetics manipulations.
Silvia grew up in the Alps, and takes every chance to escape to the mountains (alternatively, she goes climbing in Fontainebleau, which in Paris is the next best thing!).
Picture of Felipe Cybis Pereira

Felipe Cybis Pereira

Research Engineer
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After receiving two Masters degrees in Biotechnology and Engineering, Felipe started work in 2021 on an Iconeus-funded Ph.D. studentship, into the application of fUS imaging to investigate spatial navigation in rats.
But out of the lab, tennis is his main passion, and he’s played in major international junior championships, including the Prince Cup, Orange Bowl, Banana Bowl and COSAT circuit.
Picture of Samuel Diebolt

Samuel Diebolt

Research Engineer
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Samuel has Masters degrees in Biotechnology and Engineering, and is currently funded by Iconeus to carry out Ph.D. research into the use of 3D fUS imaging for pharmacological fingerprinting of functional connectivity.
Outside work, Samuel is keen on techno music and loves climbing.
Picture of Mathis Vert

Mathis Vert

Research Engineer
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Following a degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering & Bioimaging, Mathis has taken up a Ph.D. studentship, funded by Iconeus, on using high-resolution fUS imaging to extract parameters for diagnosing cerebrovascular diseases.
Mathis is passionate about theater – both in the audience and on the stage – and the same is true for rugby!
Picture of Matthieu Blons

Matthieu Blons

Research Engineer
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Matthieu comes to Iconeus with a wide range of experience in brain imaging and ultrasound, and is currently working towards a Ph.D. (supervised by Iconeus) titled ‘Machine learning applied to ultrafast ultrasound imaging for vascular and functional brain characterization’.
Out of the lab, Matthieu enjoys hiking, and every year he completes one of France’s ‘Grande Randonnée’ long-distance trails.
Picture of Wei Zhu

Wei Zhu

Business Development China
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Wei has a background in life sciences and material sciences, and before founding Tianyi Consulting, worked for Oxford Instruments, with positions in China, Singapore and Germany.
Wei is currently working with Iconeus to boost its success in global distribution, marketing strategy and product marketing.

Scientific Advisors

Mickael Tanter, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor
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Mickael is an INSERM Research Professor and a Distinguished Professor at ESPCI Paris, where he heads the ‘Physics for Medicine’ laboratory. He is an elected member of the European Academy of Science, and a co-founder of medtech companies Supersonic Imagine and Cardiawave.

Zsolt Lenkei, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Neuroscience Advisor
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Zsolt is an INSERM Research Director and a team leader at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris. He has a research background in neuroscience, with a specialism in the neuronal cell biology of cannabinoid receptors.

Mathieu Pernot, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor
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Mathieu is Deputy Director of the INSERM “Physics for Medicine” unit at ESPCI Paris. He has a research background in physics, held a position at medtech company SuperSonic Imagine and is co-founder of Cardiawave.

Thomas Deffieux, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor
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Thomas is an INSERM Research Associate Professor, and has a research background in ultrafast ultrasound imaging, and the development of wave physics for biomedical imaging and therapy.

Charlie Demene, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Advisor
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Charlie Demené graduated from ESPCI and TélécomParisTech, and completed a Ph.D. under the supervision of Mickael Tanter on the development of ultrafast Doppler for vascular applications and 3D microvascular imaging, and on functional ultrasound for neonates. He is now an Associate Professor at the ESPCI, in Acoustics and Medical Imaging, and a researcher at Physics for Medicine.
On the lab side, his research currently covers super-resolved microvascular imaging of the brain by ultrasound, functional brain imaging by ultrasound in humans, and the biological effects of ultrasound.
“What is a scientist after all? It is a curious man looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature, trying to know what’s going on”
- Jacques Cousteau

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