Who we are

In 2016, six highly experienced professionals with profound knowledge and expertise in complementary fields, launched Iconeus.

Today, Iconeus employs 12 specialists from different fields such as physics, neurobiology, healthcare and computer programming. We all share a passion for technology, research and development.

At Iconeus, we know the frustration you feel when your hard work is not enough because of a lack of appropriate and easy-to-use tools in the lab. 

We are committed to delivering unparalleled neuro-functional imaging tools to the scientific community. We aim at helping researchers worldwide to shed new light on brain and central nervous system function, to better understand neuropsychiatric pathologies and to progress toward effective treatments.

This is why we have introduced functional ultrasound neuro-imaging: a breakthrough pre-clinical imaging modality for monitoring brain activity, based on blood flow imaging with ultra-high sensitivity and resolution.

What we do

  • We perform rigorous research and invent amazing neuro-imaging technologies.
  • We translate the best discoveries from the field of ultrasound physics into the smartest, easiest-to-use devices, to help turn your most ambitious research ideas into reality.
  • We listen to you and develop powerful algorithms and software suites to leverage your ideas and studies.
  • We give you full access to explore incredibly rich datasets using your own approaches. 

All this motivates us, but we only have one bottom line: 
to help you develop your research capacities and surpass your objectives.

Meet our team

  • Ludovic Lecointre, Pharm.D

    Ludovic Lecointre, Pharm.D

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Bruno Osmanski, PhD

    Bruno Osmanski, PhD

    Chief Technical Officer
  • Jérémy Ferrier, PhD

    Jérémy Ferrier, PhD

    Senior Application Specialist
  • Daniele Trimarchi, PhD

    Daniele Trimarchi, PhD

    Chief Engineer, Software Development
  • Marc Gesnik, PhD

    Marc Gesnik, PhD

    Ultrasound & Signal Processing Specialist
  • Soumee Bhattacharya, PhD

    Soumee Bhattacharya, PhD

    Application Specialist
  • Thomas Kieffer

    Thomas Kieffer

    Software Engineer
  • Salima Laamrani

    Salima Laamrani

    Software Engineer
  • Renaud Mouronval

    Renaud Mouronval

    Software Engineer
  • Mohamed Nouhoum

    Mohamed Nouhoum

    Research Engineer
  • Charles Seizilles

    Charles Seizilles

    Software Developer
  • Adrien Bertolo

    Adrien Bertolo

    Research Engineer
  • Matthieu Blons

    Matthieu Blons

    Research Engineer
  • Phoebe Hertzog

    Office Manager
  • Gabin Tekou

    Hardware Technician
  • Wei Zhu

    Wei Zhu

    Business Development China

Scientific Advisors

  • Mickael Tanter, PhD

    Mickael Tanter, PhD

    Senior Scientific Advisor
  • Zsolt Lenkei, MD, PhD

    Zsolt Lenkei, MD, PhD

    Senior Neuroscience Advisor
  • Matthieu Pernot, PhD

    Matthieu Pernot, PhD

    Senior Scientific Advisor
  • Thomas Deffieux, PhD

    Thomas Deffieux, PhD

    Senior Scientific Advisor
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