Pharmacology & drug discovery

Empower your research with our dedicated tools

Fundamental neuroscience research

Study neurovascular coupling, perform functional brain mapping in awake, active animals and build your own experimental setup with the power of functional ultrasound imaging technology.

4D Stroke imaging

Boost your stroke research by monitoring CVAs and recovery with high quality automatically reconstructed 4D angiographies.

Biomarkers & brain connectomics

Study the effects of brain pathologies on the functional connectome with our powerful software suite and automatic neuronavigation.

Discover the work of our academic partner at

Visit the website dedicated to the ERC Advanced Grant FUSIMAGINE of Mickael Tanter’s team at the Langevin Institute, to develop functional ultrasound imaging technology and applications.

Iconeus, co-founded by FUSIMAGINE researchers, has acquired several exclusive licenses to the technology and is actively collaborating with the Langevin Institute to push the functional ultrasound technology to the next level.