Publications on functional ultrasound

For over 10 years, researchers around the world and Iconeus engineers have been developing the technology of functional ultrasound, and using it to gain interesting insights into brain function. Many of their results have been published in high-profile journals such as Nature, Science Translational Medicine and Neuron.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of publications covering all aspects of functional ultrasound.
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High-sensitivity detection of optogenetically-induced neural activity with functional ultrasound imaging

B.J. Edelman, G.D. Ielacqua, R.W. Chan, M. Asaad, M. Choy, J.H. Lee
Neuroimage, 2021, 242: 118434,

A functional ultrasound brain GPS for automatic vascular-based neuronavigation

M. Nouhoum, J. Ferrier, B.F. Osmanski, N. Ialy-Radio, S. Pezet, M. Tanter, T. Deffieux
Scientific Reports,  2021, 11: 15197,

Functional ultrasound imaging of the spreading activity following optogenetic stimulation of the rat visual cortex

M. Provansal, G. Labernède, C. Joffrois, A. Rizkallah, R. Goulet, M. Valet, W. Deschamps, U. Ferrari, A. Chaffiol, D. Dalkara, J.A. Sahel, M. Tanter, S. Picaud, G. Gauvain, F. Arcizet
Scientific Reports, 2021, 11: 12603,

Hemodynamic response to sensory stimulation in mice: Comparison between functional ultrasound and optoacoustic imaging

J. Robin, R. Rau, B. Lafci, A. Schroeter, M. Reiss, X.L. Deán-Ben, O. Goksel, D. Razansky
Neuroimage, 2021, 237: 118111.

Optogenetic fUSI for brain-wide mapping of neural activity mediating collicular-dependent behaviors

A. Sans-Dublanc, A. Chrzanowska, K. Reinhard, D. Lemmon, B. Nuttin, T. Lambert, G. Montaldo, A. Urban, K. Farrow
Neuron, 2021, 109: 1888-1905,

Single-trial decoding of movement intentions using functional ultrasound neuroimaging

S.L. Norman, D. Maresca, V.N. Christopoulos, W.S. Griggs, C. Demene, M. Tanter, M.G. Shapiro, R.A. Andersen
Neuron, 2021, 109: 1554-1566,

Inter-subject registration and application of the SIGMA rat brain atlas for regional labeling in functional ultrasound imaging

B. Vidal, M. Droguerre, L. Venet, M. Valdebenito, F. Mouthon, L. Zimmer, M. Charvériat
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2021, 355: 109139,

Transcranial ultrafast ultrasound localization microscopy of brain vasculature in patients

C. Demené, J. Robin, A. Dizeux, B. Heiles, M. Pernot, M. Tanter, F. Perren
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2021, 5: 219-228,

Functional ultrasound imaging: a new imaging modality for neuroscience

T. Deffieux, C. Demené, M. Tanter
Neuroscience, 2021, 474: 110-121,

Whole-brain 3D activation and functional connectivity mapping in mice using transcranial functional ultrasound imaging

A. Bertolo, M. Nouhoum, S. Cazzanelli, J. Ferrier, J.C. Mariani, A. Kliewer, B. Belliard, B.F. Osmanski, T. Deffieux, S. Pezet, Z. Lenkei, M. Tanter
Journal of Visual Experiments, 2021, 168: e62267,