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The Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas is now included in the Iconeus One system

June 21, 2020

ICONEUS is happy to announce that they have entered into a global licensing agreement to offer the Allen Institute for Brain Science’s Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas in the Iconeus One system.  

Using an integrated, standardized spatial map of the brain,  ICONEUS customers can now co-register fUS data into the Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework, or CCFv3, to precisely compare and correlate data for 3D reconstruction and visualization, brain activation mapping and automatic probe positioning. The Allen Institute for Brain Science describes this as, “a neuroscientific equivalent of your phone’s GPS. Instead of manually searching for your location on a paper map, the GPS provides detailed information about your position – just like how Iconeus One can align data within the Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas. Having a common set of anatomical coordinates — and pinpointing data to the corresponding brain landmarks — is crucial for neuroscientists.”

At ICONEUS we keep developing cutting-edge products for our customers and we are delighted to provide the gold standard in high resolution 3D brain mapping by providing the Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas in our systems.

About Iconeus
Iconeus, a Paris-based French technological startup, was founded in 2016 by six experts in biomedical ultrasound and neuropharmacology, including the original inventors of the breakthrough functional ultrasound (fUS) technology. The mission of Iconeus is to introduce fUS imaging for preclinical and clinical neuroscience applications worldwide, through a license and research collaboration agreement with Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research. The team is committed to delivering unparalleled neuro-functional imaging tools to the scientific community. They aim at empowering researchers to shed new light on brain and central nervous system function, to better understand neuropsychiatric pathologies and to progress towards effective treatments. Iconeus One entered the market in 2020 as the very first commercial fUS imaging system worldwide, tailored for recording brain activation and connectivity through blood-flow imaging with ultra-high sensitivity and resolution.

About the Allen Institute for Brain Science 
The Allen Institute for Brain Science is a division of the Allen Institute (, an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit medical research organization, and is dedicated to accelerating the understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease. Using a big science approach, the Allen Institute generates useful public resources used by researchers and organizations around the globe, drives technological and analytical advances, and discovers fundamental brain properties through integration of experiments, modeling and theory. Launched in 2003 with a seed contribution from founder and philanthropist, the late Paul G. Allen, the Allen Institute is supported by a diversity of government, foundation and private funds to enable its projects. The Allen Institute for Brain Science's data and tools are publicly available online at 

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